Most people who file bankruptcy are honest, hardworking folks who have struggled for a long time to pay their bills, but cannot any longer.  We understand that bad things happen to good people.  People lose their job or get sick or get divorced and the bills they could easily afford before their life changed, they just can’t afford any more. At the office of Derek R. Caldwell, P.A., we understand what a difficult time this can be and we have the experience and the compassion to assist you with as little stress as possible.

Filing bankruptcy is never something that you want to do, but the fact is that every day people find themselves in a situation where they are forced to consider this option.

We practice “Consumer Bankruptcy” law.  What that means is that we help families and individuals who are in financial difficulty get out of those difficulties by filing Chapter 7 “Fresh Start” and Chapter 13 “Wage Earner Plan” bankruptcies.  We will also help people fight creditors who are suing them to collect debts so that their rights are protected to the greatest extent possible.

We will fight for your rights, stop your creditors from harassing you, and make sure that your outcome will be as positive as possible. We’ll start off with a initial free consultation, so that we can assess your full situation and advise you on whether filing bankruptcy is right for you, and if so, which type of bankruptcy would be best to file. Once you retain our services, we won’t let anyone intimidate you; we’ll be your staunch advocate every step of the way.

When you want a Raleigh bankruptcy attorney that you can trust with your case, please call the office of Derek R. Caldwell, P.A. We’ll successfully negotiate a satisfactory ruling. Call us today.  FREE initial consultation Call 919-838-9400.